…my husband and I went to Morana Law for a Special Needs Trust. Attorney Morana is a true professional who is passionate about what he does and someone I trust. Having a child with special needs and dealing with the everyday challenges can be overwhelming. My husband and I were putting off planning for the future. We knew we needed to do a Special Needs Trust but didn't know where to start. A friend mentioned that they had worked with Joe. After our initial meeting, we felt confident in Joe's knowledge and that he had our best interest in mind. He thoroughly explained every detail in a way that we could understand, we met during the process to review every detail, he provided a detailed draft for our review, made edits as we requested and was understanding of our needs. We now feel so much better that we have a plan in place for my daughter's future. I highly recommend seeing Joe if you have a child with Special Needs or you are in need of a trust.
-- Lisa Clark, Andover, MA

…today my Dad, brother and I met with [Atty.] Joe to discuss my Dad’s estate. Joe spent two hours with us reviewing my Dad’s documents and assets. My Dad finally asked, ‘Joe, what would you recommend and do? And Joe spelled it out crystal clear. My Dad said ‘then let’s do that.’ We all are so relieved and have great confidence that everything is taken care of. This experience has really kick-started me to make sure all my documents are in order and to establish a trust. I highly recommend Joe and really appreciate the thoroughness and kindness he displayed in handling a delicate topic such as the death of a loved one. Thanks Joe, get ready for more referrals!”
-- Dr. Deborah Fudge, Methuen, MA

…the process of organizing and finalizing my Will had been a daunting and overwhelming task. Joe Morana was able to listen empathically and take this burden off my shoulders.He was able to streamline the process with his knowledge base, and practical no-nonsense approach. In addition, I appreciate his ongoing availability for questions in the aftermath of the finalization of this process.Thank you, Joe!
-- Dr. Jayan Marie Landry M.S., A.R.N.P., Andover, MA

…there is not much to say other than he is the best. I went in with questions. Joe explained my options in great detail with his expertise & he discussed the pros & cons of each. I would highly recommend sitting down with him even if you are unsure to discuss your options and potential next steps. He made everything simple & took the time to walkthrough everything. Walking in I had no clue how beneficial a trust could be. Setting up a trust was the best thing I ever did & I know I went to the right person. Thanks again Joe A+++ service. You have my business for the rest of my life & hopefully my brother once I talk him into the meeting.”
-- C.H.,Haverhill, MA

…for years we have been talking about putting a Will together to put our affairs in order. Every time we would start, something always came up that would put this process on the back burner. After a conversation with our financial advisor, we contacted Attorney Morana. We told him what we wanted to do. He patiently listened to us and explained the process, including Wills versus Trusts. We have a special needs child and he further explained how we should protect him when and if something happened to both of us. He explained how all of our assets would be protected for our survivors. Something we feared was explained in a way that put us at ease. Joe’s unique style put everything into perspective. We will always be grateful that we met and worked with Attorney Morana. When we were finished it was as if a weight had been lifted off our shoulders.”
-- Ed and Eileen Guy, Methuen, MA

…we had not thought of death taxes and probate. If anything happened to one or both of us, our assets could be tied up in court for years, leaving nothing to look after our four children. We also have one special needs child whose inheritance would have had to be spent in its entirety before the state would help him. Joe also showed us how to prevent that from happening….The process was very easy. Joe explained everything in detail and answered all our questions. It was a tremendous weight off our shoulders to know that everything we worked so hard for would be protected, our children’s inheritance would go to them and they would not be subjected to the tedious process of probate. Now that it’s all done we breathe easier. We are comfortable and confident in our future and our children’s futures. Thanks for making that happen, Joe!”
-- David and Dawn Pease,North Andover, MA

…we knew it was important to have a Living Trust, but all our previous attempts trying to understand the legal details and best options for us had failed…everything was just another language for us!
We met Joe, we visited him at his office; he listened to us and took the time to understand our real needs. Then he explained to us in a very simple, but really comprehensive way, our options. We had several opportunities to talk to him and ask questions until it was absolutely clear for us, what was our best option. Then Joe took care of everything! He provided all documentation and all expected results on time, as promised and with high quality. We definitively recommend Joe to anybody that is looking for an expert lawyer that is a gentleman and works always thinking in what is best for his clients.”
-- Dr. Ernesto and Adriana Aycardi, Andover, MA

…we came to Joe after a bad experience working with another lawyer. Working with Joe was a real delight. He was always upbeat, his explanations were very clear, he listened well and he incorporated our requested edits effectively into the documents. But most important for us: his expertise and attentiveness to our needs gave us the confidence that we had missed in our previous attorney. As a result, we would happily refer friends and family to Joe Morana.”
-- A.S. and D.A., Needham, MA

…I was overwhelmed with admitting a relative into the nursing home and unprepared to deal with the family home and assets she had worked so hard for over the years. All I knew was the nursing home was working fast at trying to get my signature on documents that were beyond my comprehension when I believed I was just enrolling her into Mass Health. I needed immediate professional help. Her financial planner introduced me to Joe Morana and he stopped me from making some devastating mistakes right away. If your family needs a fighter, I recommend Joe. He’s there for you.”
-- Leslie Brunaccini, Medford, MA

…after years of procrastination regarding a will, my husband became ill, and we were compelled to finally address the issue. We’ve never needed the services of a lawyer, (just lucky, I guess) and didn’t know where to start. Our financial planner recommended Joe Morana, and we couldn’t be more pleased. He’s personable, reachable and very adept at translating legalese into terms ordinary people can understand. We’re glad to have found him, and would highly recommend his services.”
-- Karen Merriam, Franklin, MA

…Joe has been very helpful to my family in setting up an estate plan. He had to prepare the plan quickly and there were multiple parties involved, but he took the time to explain the process each step of the way. Joe is trustworthy, professional, and approachable. I recommend him for all family law needs.”
-- C.F., Andover, MA

…we have two small children whose future we wanted to provide for, but were not sure which route to take. We were anxious to get this done. Attorney Joe Morana helped ease our concerns that we had not yet put our affairs in order. He provided us with guidance and options on all matters relating to the estate planning for our family. He was extremely patient with us during the entire process; he is courteous, professional and very responsive. We now feel at ease knowing that our children will be provided for as we intend. Attorney Morana was a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend him.”
-- M.P. and M.P., Everett, MA

…having two children under the age of 4, we were anxious to get our estate in order. We were particularly anxious to ensure our children’s needs were met if we both passed away suddenly and to ensure our children would be raised with the Guardian we selected. Joe walked us through the entire process. He met with us on weekends, came to our hometown to meet, and answered numerous questions that we had. Joe made a complicated process fairly simple to follow. With our estate now in order, we are much more relaxed. We also know we have a trusted partner in Joe and are confident he will meet all our future estate planning needs.”
-- R.F. and K.F., Melrose, MA
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